A Partial Map of Black-led Black Liberation Organizing

This is a resource guide compiled by members, former staff, board and advisers, organizers, allies, partners, and funders of Resource Generation. Over 30 people submitted ideas, in alignment with the guidelines, also developed in partnership, of what constitutes Black-led organizing for Black liberation. It is not a comprehensive guide of all Black-Led, Black Liberation Organizing.

This is a part of Resource Generation's It Starts Today! campaign, moving $1,000,000 to Black-Led, Black Liberation Organizing between the day Michael Brown was killed and what would have been his 19th birthday - May 20th, 2015. We aim to support organizing that confronts and dismantles anti-Black violence, whether committed by private citizens or by law enforcement, throughout the US. Resource Generation is a national membership organization organizing young people with wealth toward the equitable distribution of land, wealth and power. Learn more about Resource Generation and learn how to become a member by visiting www.resourcegeneration.org.

How far are we?

Where are funds going?

Disclaimer: The information provided in this list/map is for informational purposes only, and is not an endorsement of any of the groups or projects listed. We encourage you to do your own research, meet with, attend events, and call the people who are listed on the websites to learn more about an individual group or the issues they are addressing.